My Story

Welcome to my Scentsy website!

I love candles.   One of my fondest memories is of the parties my parents had in our home where candles were lit everywhere.   I was not particularly worried about fires and would leave candles lit without a second thought.  Then, in January 2009 my sister's house almost completely burned down because of a lit candle.   I flew up to Washington DC to help her and was shocked at how much damage was done!   The fire marshall told us that a lot of house fires are caused by candles and he does not have them in his home at all.   Needless to say, my view on candles changed.  

In February, 2009 I visited one of my very best friends in Utah and saw these cool candle plug-in's in all her bathrooms.   I had found Scentsy!!!   In March I became a consultant.  My mission is to spread the news of a safer way to have the candle smells without a wick!   Even glass jared candles can become so hot they explode!  Scentsy wickless candles are as safe as plugging in your lamp.  You can leave them on all day and night.   I use my plug-ins as night lights!    And the best part about Scentsy candles is you can change the scents any time you want!

Please take time to browse our amazing line of wickless candle products and scents. Scentsy warmers are great for your home or office and make great gifts for all occasions! These decorative candles are safe and can be enjoyed for years to come thanks to our refillable wax bars. 

Thanks for visiting my site!  And, please practice safe scents!

Scentsationally yours,